Practicing French with Podcasts

Est-ce que vous êtes en train d’apprendre le français? Moi aussi!

Hello there. If you are learning French all by yourself, like myself, then you might be looking for some inspiration. I will tell you which podcasts I’ve been listening to lately (last updated Dec 2014).


L’avis de Marie – I find this podcast very entertaining and it provides  good vocabulary range. Level is intermediate and above.

Podcast Français Facile –  I love the dialogues section of this website. The level is for beginners 2, intermediate 1.

News in Slow French – They read the news slowly and then they comment on it. In addition they provide grammar tips and idiomatic expressions. The level is intermediate.

France Bienvenue – Great blog that will help you bring your French to the next level. The level seems to be high intermediate to advanced.

Learn French by Podcast – The audios are free, and you purchase credits in order to download the lesson in PDF.

Coffee Break French – Lessons from absolute beginner to advanced. The show is always entertaining and they offer a free version and a member’s version with complete explanations.

Good luck with your French goals.

Easy English

newsAre you learning British English and you want to practice? Maybe you have problems understanding spoken English and you are looking for easy texts with audio? Here is a tip: News in Levels.

They choose interesting and actual news and they re-write them in three levels of English.

Level 1 – easy, beginner
Level 2 – intermediate
Level 3 – advanced

They also provide audio files for each level and then you have a chance to hear the proper pronunciation. It is a very useful website. It is free.



Maybe you don’t know this, but Wikipedia has a version called Simple Wikipedia. There you’ll find 96,000 articles written in simple English. It should be easier to understand and a good tool to help you improve your English.

My guess is that there are hundreds of websites written in easy English. that are destined to help adults and children who are learning English. The best way to find these sites is to search for them. You can use Google and look for easy English or simple English for instance.

Good luck.

Dictionaries DK

Are you learning Danish and are looking for online dictionaries? Here are a few useful links. – Danish-English-Danish, free online dictionary. This dictionary is not very good, but it’s better than nothing. Several other dictionaries (other languages) are available in this site as well. – Very good, free Danish-Danish dictionary.

Den Danske Ordbog from the website It is free and sponsored by the Carlsberg foundation, among others. This too is a dictionary of definitions dansk-dansk. –  If I’m not mistaken it is possible to search two words per day free of charge. But else a subscription is required. They have several languages though: Danish-Englisn, Danish-German, Danish-French and so on.


Are you learning English and are looking for an online dictionary? Or maybe you are a proofreader or copy editor searching for a good advanced dictionary? Here are a couple of useful links. They are not listed in alphabetical order, but in order of my personal preference. I tend to avoid dictionaries that have too many adds.

British English

Word reference – Very useful dictionary. It searches the word in several other dictionaries, as Oxford and Collins. In addition the website provides over 12 different dictionaries, as English-French, -Spanish, -Portuguese, -German, -Italian, -Corean and so on.

Collins Dictionary

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

Macmillan Dictionary

American English

Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

Cambridge Dictionary of American English

Merriam-Webster English Dictionary

Newbury House Dictionary of American English