Are you learning English and are looking for an online dictionary? Or maybe you are a proofreader or copy editor searching for a good advanced dictionary? Here are a couple of useful links. They are not listed in alphabetical order, but in order of my personal preference. I tend to avoid dictionaries that have too many adds.

British English

Word reference – Very useful dictionary. It searches the word in several other dictionaries, as Oxford and Collins. In addition the website provides over 12 different dictionaries, as English-French, -Spanish, -Portuguese, -German, -Italian, -Corean and so on.

Collins Dictionary

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

Macmillan Dictionary

American English

Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

Cambridge Dictionary of American English

Merriam-Webster English Dictionary

Newbury House Dictionary of American English


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