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newsAre you learning British English and you want to practice? Maybe you have problems understanding spoken English and you are looking for easy texts with audio? Here is a tip: News in Levels.

They choose interesting and actual news and they re-write them in three levels of English.

Level 1 – easy, beginner
Level 2 – intermediate
Level 3 – advanced

They also provide audio files for each level and then you have a chance to hear the proper pronunciation. It is a very useful website. It is free.



Maybe you don’t know this, but Wikipedia has a version called Simple Wikipedia. There you’ll find 96,000 articles written in simple English. It should be easier to understand and a good tool to help you improve your English.

My guess is that there are hundreds of websites written in easy English. that are destined to help adults and children who are learning English. The best way to find these sites is to search for them. You can use Google and look for easy English or simple English for instance.

Good luck.

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